Elroy Bos, MSc.

Marketing & COmmunications

With 25 years of international experience in marketing & communications, I can help you get your message across. I am based in Beechworth, Victoria.

elroy@elroybos.com  |  0490 851 429


What I do

I provide consulting and training in marketing & communications. 


Influence decisions and change the world one step at a time.

Brand Identity

Define what you want to be, and how to make your organisation more successful. 

Online engagement

Engage your stakeholders effectively with the tools of the digital age.


Develop your proposition, processes or your team with experienced support.


Find extra hands to write, speak or make in those busy times.



Learn to become an effective public speaker or spokesperson to the media.

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I look forward to hearing from you. Please use below contact form, or contact me directly:  elroy@elroybos.com  |  0490 851 429


Today, an older gentleman, retired from the military, complained about youth climbing and singing on a war memorial. He was offended, because the kids showed so little respect for the fallen. I kept my mouth shut. But I felt like doing a rough psychoanalysis. How dare...

Impact of ceiling insulation

The insulation in our ceiling was old: weathered bats and lots of uncovered areas. I put in new ceiling bats to keep the house warmer in winter- it was freezing inside! Well, not really freezing, but cold.. Last night I measured the temperature and came up with the...

What a waste

With a family of 5, we produce quite a bit of waste. I try to be mindful of packaging in the supermarket, and have three bins to sort my waste. Producers use a plethora of packaging, often combinations of plastic, aluminium, and cardboard. I understand the product...